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panetta has been to iraq and afghanistan before but never as defense secretary, that happened this weekend, he's only been on the job for 11 days and already those traveling with him say there's been an unmistakable change at the top at the pentagon. our pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski is traveling with him and tonight has an exclusive interview with the secretary. >> reporter: the new secretary of defense leon panetta surveyed iraq from a u.s. military helicopter today and was troubled by the landscape below. u.s. forces here, set to withdraw by the end of the year, are once again caught up in a war. 15 troops were killed last month by roadside bombs. panetta told a gathering of soldiers today the killing must end. >> my first responsibility as secretary of defense is to make damned sure that we do everything necessary to protect you. >> reporter: panetta pressured iraq's top officials to send iraqi military forces out to hunt down the attackers. in an interview with nbc news, panetta suggested if not, american combat forces would do the job. >> all i can tell you is i do have the
. the secretary. >> reporter: leon panetta arrived in afghanistan, his first trip as secretary of defense, but it was on the flight over when he dropped the bombshell on al qaeda. >> we're within reach of strategically defeating al qaeda. >> reporter: panetta said the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. commandos two months ago and in an increasingly intense campaign of predator air strikes aimed at top terrorist leaders ó has staggered al qaeda. >> i think we had undermined their ability to conduct 9/11-type attacks. i think we had them on the run. >> reporter: in kabul the military's leader of the u.s. war in afghanistan, general david petraeus agreed. >> al qaeda's senior leadership is lessÑi capable of threatenin targets anywhere. >> reporter: panetta said recent intelligence h ayman al zawahiri is believed holed up in the western tribal regions of pakistan. he also revealed that up to 20 top al qaeda leaders from pakistan, yemen, and somalia were identified from laden's compound and are now on america's target list. topping that list, american-born clericÑi anwar al awlaki, leade o
th. there's a lot going on today, including leon panetta's first trip to iraq and afghanistan as the newly appointed defense secretary where he recently stayed they were on the verge of, quote, defeating al qaeda. >>> plus, road rage on the tour de france. a french tv car sends a group of cyclists flying into a barbed wire fence. we'll have the fallout ahead in sports. whoa! >>> but first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. >>> with weeks to go before the aulgt 2nd deadline, congressional leaders are heading back to the white house today for another meeting to try to reach a deal on raising the country's debt ceiling. after a 75-minute session with lawmakers last night, president obama is expected to hold a news conference this morning to discuss their deficit reduction efforts. this comes as the front page of "the wall street journal" reads, deficit negotiations hit reset. divisions on spending cuts and tax increases remain. the journal and others report that last night president obama urged leaders to strive for the largest package poss
. if the ceiling is not raised by august 2, the country could default on its debt obligation. leon panetta, former head of the cia, is now the united states 23rd defense secretary. panetta stating his top priorities are preserving u.s. military powers, stabilizing afghanistan, and forging a real and lasting partnership with iraq. panetta replaces robert gates who retired after power decades in public service. and a ceremony marking his retirement president obama surprised gates by awarding him the presidential medal of freedom. prince william and his wife, katheri catherine, continue their tour of canada. the duke and duchess are keeping busy traveling throughout the country and meeting with politicians. military members and hospital patients and even local homeless youth. the royal couple are also finding time for fun with cooking lessons and drag ever dragon boat races. after they wrap up their tour they head to california for three days. >> reporter: we see doctors on medical shows all the time, but is real life like it is on tv? i'm getting the chance to find out! it's shortly after sunrise at
to iraq as secretary of defense, leon panetta turned up the heat on the iraqi government with the aim of making the country much more secure. nbc's jim miklaszewski is in baghdad tonight. jim? >> reporter: lester, for most americans iraq has become the forgotten war. but all that was shattered last month when 15 american soldiers were killed here. the highest monthly death toll in more than two years. secretary panetta who arrived here today claims the americans were targeted and killed by roukrouk iraqi extremists with especially lethal weapons provided by iran. rockets that actually have trash cans welded to them loaded with 200 pounds of explosives. while here secretary panetta intends to pressure the iraqi government to put a stop to these deadly attacks. >> i would like for iraq to exert more of an effort to go after those that -- those extremists that are making use of these weapons. that if we are going to be partners, they have a responsibility to be able to protect against that kind of attack. >> reporter: this comes as iraqries are expected to ask the u.s. to keep some force
times" says the u.s. may suspend military aid to pakistan as defense secretary leon panetta visits afghanistan, the paper reports the possible halt of $800 million in assistance and equipment. that could have an effect on u.s. troops in afghanistan. the report says the aid could resume if pakistan takes tougher action against the taliban as well as al qaeda. meanwhile, secretary panetta told reporters on the plane it's time to focus on defeating al qaeda once and for all. >> i think we had undermined their ablthd to conduct 9/11-type attacks. we had them on the run. >> secretary panetta met with american military officials. atia abawi is in afghanistan. good morning. bring us up to date. >> good morning. panetta's very first trip as secretary of defense to afghanistan, before he landed he brought up the situation with al qaeda. he said, quote, the strategic defeat of al qaeda is within reach. this is a time to go after him, especially after bin laden. let's listen to what he had to say. >> now is the moment following what happened with bin laden, to put maximum pressure on them bec
president joe biden is swearing in leon panetta as secretary of defense at the pentagon. you're looking at live pictures from there right now. panetta is taking over from robert gates, who served as defense secretaries under presidents bush and obama. the 73-year-old panetta was previously director of the cia. general david petraeus is taking over that position. panetta was chief of staff for president clinton from 1994 to 1997. >>> and one of panetta's first actions as defense secretary will be to take the last steps towards allowing gays to serve openly in the military. panetta is expected to certify the repeal of don't ask, don't tell today. it would then be 60 days before it becomes official. the president signed the bill repealing that ban last december. >>> your time right now is 11:09. coming up on "news 4 midday," the phone-hacking investigation expands from britain to the u.s. why a british actor says he was caught up in the scandal while here in the u.s. >>> then lindsay lohan in trouble again. why the actress says she stopped seeking treatment. >>> subpoenas are being prepare
secretary of defense leon panetta met with u.s. troops in afghanistan today during an unannounced visit. he met with members of a med i vac team and visited the 115th support hospital before addressing troops at camp dwyer. panetta is now in iraq where he will meet with troupes and government leaders. >>> at least one -- with u.s. troops and government leaders. >>> at least one is dead and one missing after a boat sinks in russia. a boat carrying more than 100 passengers sank in a river about 450 miles east of moscow. a passing ship saved more than 80 passengers. others made it to the beach on manmade rafts or were saved by rescue workers. >>> a train wreck in the eastern india area killed at least 31 people and injured more than 100. it's not yet clear what caused the derailment, but there are reports the driver did put on the emergency brake. >>> accidents aren't unusual on india's railway network. poor maintenance and human error took the blame for most of those incidents. >>> it's a running of the bulls like only new orleans can do it. one difference from the traditional famed run, thes
defense secretary, leon panetta. on his first trip to afghan stay, about al qaeda, he said, i think we have them on the run. and that victory is, quote, within reach. abc's david kerley is in washington. >> reporter: having succeeded after nine, long years in the hunt for osama bin laden, the new defense secretary boldly says the u.s. is on the verge of defeating al qaeda. >> i think we have them on the run. >> reporter: but speaking to reporters on his way to afghanistan, panetta said timing is critical. >> i think now is the moment to put maximum pressure on them because i do believe that if we continue this effort, that we can really cripple al qaeda, as a threat to this country. >> reporter: here's why. with the killing of bin laden, u.s. forces recovered a treasure trove of intelligence. panetta revealed t tay they have been able to identify 10 to 20 al qaeda leaders who are based in 4 countries. >> if we can go after them, i think we really can strategically defeat al qaeda. >> reporter: the defense secretary says he believes the new leader of al qaeda, ayman al zazahiri, is livi
of strategically defeating al qaeda. >> reporter: panetta said the killing of osama bin laden by u.s. commandos two months ago and in an increasingly intense campaign of predator air strikes aimed at top terrorist leaders has staggered al qaeda. >> i think we had undermined their ability to conduct 9/11-type attacks. i think we had them on the run. >> reporter: in kabul general david petraeus agreed. >> al qaeda's senior leadership is less capable of threatening. >> reporter: intelligence indicates al qaeda's new leader is holed up in the tribal regions of western pakistan. he also revealed that up to 20 top al qaeda leaders from pakistan, yemen, and somalia were identified from intelligence found in bin laden's compound and are now on america's target list. topping that list, american-born cleric anwar, leader of al qaeda in yemen, considered the greatest terrorist threat to the united states. the so-called christmas day bomber was trained and equipped by al qaeda in yemen. panetta confirmed today that the cia has joined the u.s. military in launching air strikes aimed at taking on the leadership
are following breaking news this morning. three rockets hit the green zone during a visit by leon panetta. there are no reports of injuries. panetta is in baghdad to meet with iraqi leaders to discuss the possibility of keeping some u.s. troops in iraq beyond 2011. >>> three small airplanes were intercepted by fighter jets after flying too close to the presidential retreat in camp david. the latest happened about 10:30 yesterday morning. the pilot was forced to land at the carroll county regional airport. saturday two other airplanes were intercepted. in every case the small plane landed without incident. a spokesperson says there was no apparent connection between the three flights. >>> now to a developing story out of prince george county. police will release more details about the suspect accused in the murder of a korean business owner. richard knapp was found --nam was found unconscious in his store. >>> d.c. police are looking for suspects in a shooting that killed two people and injured another. the men were gunned down early saturday morning on park wood place in columbia heights.
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defense secretary leon panetta spent the weekend in war zones, first meeting with president karzai, and then avoiding insurgent rockets in iraq, where today he is meeting with iraqi officials about the fate of u.s. troops scheduled to leave that country by the end of the year. jim miklaszewski is traveling with the new secretary. mik, the sofa agreement, the idea all of u.s. forces out by the end of this year, that's going to get extended? >> reporter: nobody knows quite yet, because the rairaqis themselves haven't made the decision and haven't made the request to the u.s. to extend that deadline. you know, i can tell you, secretary of defense, leon panetta, this has been quite a maiden voyage to him, expressed his frustration to the troops here today we by saying, dammit, make a decision, to the iraqis. and the problem, of course, here is that the u.s. starting to withdraw many of their forces, and they don't want to wait too long, because once they start tearing things down, they don't want to have to put it together again if the iraqis finally make that choice. and we're told, o
defense secretary. leon panetta in afghanistan. this is his first trip since taking the top military position. david cotter is live in stan tan with the latest. >> newly appointed defense secretary arrive in kabul a short time ago. he was met by military leaderships including, general petraeus. he was upbeat about prospects of defeating al-qaida and said the u.s. was within reach of strategically defeating them. the strategy for doing this is military operations and capturing or killing fewer than 20 of the terror group's leader here in stan tan and north africa. i think now we have them on the moment and now is the moment. if we continue this effort we can cripple al-qaida. his upbeat assessment comes as stan tan prepares for a gradual draw down. according to a u.s. official. panetta will hold talks with karzai during his visit. they will discuss the transition of nato held areas for afghan control in midjuly. they will further include u.s. troops open next year. panetta also said he hopes the taliban will be on the run. it is key they keep up the pressure now. >>> and panetta also
to see when this airs in your air area. >>> leon panetta is in kabul for meetings with officials and american commanders. on the plane from washington panetta told reporters al qaeda could be on the verge of defeat. we are in kabul, afghanistan, good morning to you, atia. is secretary pa at the time in panetta sounding very upbeat here? >> reporter: it sound that way. he did speak to reporters saying al qaeda was -- the strategic defeat of al qaeda was within reach. he talked about finding the treasure-trove of information in the compound. that bin laden was hiding out there. including 10 to 20 names of key leaders of al qaeda, whether they be in yemen, somalia, pakistan or north and central africa. but on this trip in afghanistan panetta is expected to meet with his counterpart, the defense ministry in afghanistan, and he is also expected to have a press conference with the afghan president, hamid karzai. aside from that, the most important part of the visit is talking to the u.s. commanders on the ground here in afghanistan, talking to the u.s. servicemen and women as well who
the streets. >>> a newly appointed defense secretary is in iraq, and lee i don't know panetta is not holding back, who is to blame there. >>> an amtrak train injured during a fiery collision. >>> playing the d.c. lottery is going to get a lot easier soon. >> lindsay. >> coming up in sports, live to phoenix, arizona. site of the major league baseball all-star game where hakem dermish caught up with tyler clippard. also, the u.s. women's open finally wraps up. >>> and back at the ice plex this at 6:00 continues. >>> a funeral was held for a man from texas who fell to his death during a rangers' baseball game last week. family, friends and co-workers joined in brownwood, texas where shannon stone had been a firefighter for 18 years. following the memorial service, there was a large procession of fire trucks and emergency vehicles in his honor. stone died last thursday after falling 20 feet head-first when he tried to catch a foul ball for his son. >>> today u.s. officials announced plans to seek compensation for damages after an embassy attack. loyalists attacked the u.s. embassy in the syrian
i.d. to get a job in georgia could go to prison for 15 years. >>> plus, leon panetta, takes over as the new secretary of defense today. general david petraeus replaces panetta as the director of the c.i.a. >>> and today, the 9/11 health compensation act takes effect. the authors of the act will celebrate at mount sinai medical center here in new york. >>> time to talk about sports. big sports news to talk about. pablo torre is a reporter for "sports illustrated," all about the nba lockout. started at midnight. what does this mean for fans? >> yeah, well for fans, it allows us to finally get back to what we love about sports -- which is, you know, obscure counting rules and labor law. the problem is that nba teams have been crying poor for quite a while and they're saying that 22 of 30 of them lost money last year. and so they want to be more like the nfl. they want shorter contracts, they want nonguaranteed contracts for players, they want revenue sharing and the players of course got a great deal in the last collective bargaining agreement. and they don't want any of that. so th
of defense, leon panetta. panetta arrived from afghanistan. iran is supplying weapons to extremists in iraq as they prepare to leave the country. panetta says he will not walk away from this challenge and urging iraq to crack down on the insurgents. troops were killed in june. three more in the first ten days of this month. a few hours after panetta spoke with u.s. troops, three rockets landed in the green zone in central baghdad, no casualties. >>> in texas, hundreds of people attended the funeral service today for a man who fell to his death at a texas rangers baseball game. 39-year-old shannon stone will be buried in his hometown of brownwood. a firefighter died thursday after falling 20 feet while trying to catch a ball for his 6-year-old son with him at the game. josh hamilton tossed a foul ball to the stands. he reached for the ball but lost his balance and crashed head first to a score board. the rangers have donated an undisclosed sum of money to help the stone family. >>> even though british tabloid "news of the world" printed the last issue on sunday, the scandal hitting rupert mu
>>> and now our fox in the classroom update. >> defense secretary leon panetta visiting iraq for the first time since taking on the job while visiting troops, the secretary repeating that the administration's primary goal is to defeat al qaeda worldwide. panetta pressing the iraqi government to decide on the future of u.s. military presence in iraq as strikes continue on baghdad's green zone including three rocket attacks during his visit. he's asking for more support in stemming attacks on u.s. troops. >> we're very concerned about iran and weapons they're providing to extremists here in iraq. >>> liftoff. the final liftoff of "atlantis." >> astronauts aboard space shuttle "atlantis" attaching a large storage canister to the international space station. the supplies consist of food, clothes and other provisions, enough to keep the station operating for another year. a space walk is planned to retrieve a broken ammonia pump and attach a robotic refueling experiment to the space station. "atlantis" is the last of nasa's three remaining shuttles to be retired of this flight. >>> royal couple
bob gates and monterrey native leon panetta takes his place as defense secretary tomorrow and general david petraeus was confirmed to take panetta's place as cia director. >>> changing the way you buy alcohol. new restrictions that could be coming to a grocery store near you. >>> tsa employees under fire this week for searching an elderly woman's diaper but today more questions about what the workers do when a man flies across the country with an expired i.d. and without a ticket. >>> a summer vacation that's anything but ordinary. what prince williams says about his overseas trip up next. >>> and live at music in the park where temperatures are heating up here in downtown san jose. much likehe sound, soon, of some hawaiian iaan reggae musi. < >>> a house safe is your food. only 2 percent of the food imported by the united states gets inspect and now that number might shrink due to budget cuts. lawmakers voted the cut more than $200 million from the fda's food safety budget. the cuts come in spite of recent outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella linked to things like bad eggs, spinach an
live in marin, rita williams, ktvu u channel 2 news. >>> leon panetta became the 23rd secretary of defense. >> throughout our history, patriots have fought to preserve our freedom and our independence, you today's patriots are making great sacrifices and fighting to keep america safe. >> the 73-year-old panetta is the oldest incoming defense secretary in history and the first democrat to run the department in more than 40 years. >>> the maker of farmville and mafia wars is going public. the game maker could raise $2 billion. >>> the stock market has had its best week since july of 2009 with four days of triple digit gains. bay area analysts say there are a number of factors that play, a rebound in manufacturing, also commodity and energy prices appear to be stabilized, japan is recovering from that massive earthquake and tsunami, and the greek debt crisis is improving. >> i think you could take the view that the economy is almost spring loaded for growth. >> for every thousand dollars invested in the s & p500 since market hit bottom, investors have more than $2,000. >>> since m
made it back. till the end of my days. >> kids term as defense secretary and when leon panetta is sworn in tomorrow. today the senate confirmed the general david petraeus to take over leon panetta's its spot as cia debt -- director. he is expected to complete in afghanistan before starting in september. he is credited with leading the search that saba's the u.s. war in iraq. -- salvaged the u.s. war in iraq. >> jack young may have a challenger in the upcoming election. the former owner of the center theatre said he wants to be the city's second in command. we have to night's commitment 2011 report and joins us live from city hall. sheldon? >> we are in the process of forming the necessary paperwork but announced his intent to run earlier this afternoon. even though he has been escorted out of city twice in last week and a half he hopes to occupy an office in this building. no visible supporters at his side, he announced his candidacy from north baltimore. >> by tuesday at 930 i will file to run to -- i will file for the privilege of being the next city council president in the great cit
panetta is in iraq for the first time since becoming the pentagon chief. the new defense secretary spoke with the top u.s. commander = and u.s. ambassador for meeting with american troops. 46,000 u.s. forces left in iraq have come under increased attacks in recent weeks. 14 died by hostile fire last monica and even during leon panetta's visit, three rockets struck, but no one was killed there. >>> they have sacrificed and served their country yet millions of veterans to run the country are out of work. adopt there is taking place in the district to help unemployed veterans. active-duty service members and their spouses as well. the event is taking place at the v.a. medical center in northwest. it runs through 4:00 this afternoon today. today is your first chance if you want to buy tickets to the 9/11 memorial at the site of the former world trade center. the memorial opens to the public september 12. it opens for the 9/11 victims' families prices. tickets are available on-line. that is starting today. reservations will be required. 1500 people at a time can be accommodated so they have t
cheney and koe cokie roberts as well. >>> defense secretary leon panetta visits afghanistan. the paper reports a possible halt of $800 million in assistance of equipment. this could have a dramatic effect on u.s. troops in afghanistan. this report out of the "new york times" says the aid could resume if pakistan takes tougher action against the taliban as well as al qaeda. meanwhile, defense secretary leon panetta is in afghanistan as i was mentioning. panetta is meeting with american military leaders as well as afghan officials. atia abawi is in kabul, afghanistan. he's making strong remarks when it comes to al qaeda and how he wants to continue stamping them out. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. that's absolutely right. on his flight from d.c. to kabul he did speak to reporter on the plane that he was on about al qaeda and said that the strategic defeat of al qaeda was within reach, pointing to the death of osama bin laden, pointing to the information that we were able to retrieve from his compound, including the names of key leaders that they'd like to go after. and he says that t
to meeting with lawmakers every day until a deal is reached. barbara? >>> secretary of defense leon panetta arrived in iraq sunday after a visit to afghanistan. it's his first visit since taking office july 1st. three or four rockets hit the green zone in baghdad early this morning, an apparent signal from insurgents that they were aware of panetta's arrival. 15 soldiers were killed in iraq last month. panetta said iraqi extremists are being armed by iran with sophisticated weapons they're using to find and kill american forces. >> we're very concerned about iran and weapons they're providing to extremists here in iraq. and the reality is that we've seen the results of that in june. we lost a hell of a lot of americans as a result of those attacks. >> reporter: secretary panetta also said he is requesting that iraqi security forces step up security for american troops. if that doesn't happen, he said he has the sole authority to order u.s. military forces to conduct combat operations against the insurgents. >>> the fbi is leading an investigation into the discovery of a stun gun on board a
of syria, richard engle with that. thank you. >>> frienting moments in iraq today as leon panetta arrives as his first official visit to troops. secretary panetta was at camp victory at the time of the attack discussing an increase in violence against the u.s. troops as they prepare to leave iraq. >> my first responsibility as secretary of defense, the first responsibility offer commanders is to make sure that we do everything necessary to protect you. and we are going to do that. >> all right. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent jim is live in baghdad traveling with the secretary. what are the secretary's goals for this trip? >> quite frankly, in terms of the violence that is now directed specifically at u.s. troops here in iraq, 15 american soldiers were killed last month and one soldier here told me this morning, they're coming at us. and the question is, what can the u.s. do about it? extremists, according to leon panetta, iraqi extremists are using sophisticated weapons supplied by them by iran. so what panetta has said is that, you know, trying to put pressure on iran to end those sh
panetta believes the defeat of al-qaeda is quote, within reach. panetta isic maaing his first visit to afghanistan as pentagon chief. he met with general david patraeus who is stepping down as u.s. commander. panetta said osama bin laden's death has been a tremendous blow to al-qaeda. >>> former first lady betty ford will be remembered at two services next week. she died yesterday at the age of 93. scott looks back at her life and her influence. >> born elizabeth ann bloomer in 1918. she dreamed of becoming a professional dancer and she studied under martha graham. she earned a spot in graham's dance troop, but her mother pressured her to leave the group and new york in 1941. she got a job back home in grand rapids. performed in her own dance troop, married and divorced her first husband, and then met a young lawyer named gerald ford. they married in 1948 just weeks before ford was elected to his first term in congress. ford rose to be republican house minority leader while she stayed in the background and raised their four children. just as they were ready to retire, an accident o
leon panetta makes a surprise visit. where he is this weekend and what it has to do with the fight against al-qaeda. >>> the cooler weather pattern has arrived. coming up, the changing fog pattern set for tomorrow morning and the coolest day in our five-day forecast. 50 star . the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. >>> a man wounded in a rash of shootings in east oakland has now died. 20-year-old flowers died at the hospital last night. he was shot thursday outsi
's green zone during a visit by u.s. defense secretary leon panetta. show you new video of panetta arriving in baghdad. he was not injured in the attack on the green zone. panetta is meeting with u.s. and iraqi military leaders. he's set to discuss the possibility of keeping some u.s. troops in iraq beyond december 31st. that's when all of u.s. troops are scheduled to depart. >>> nasa is keeping an eye on some space junk that could pose a threat to the international space station and to the shuttle atlantis. the piece of an old russian satellite will be closest to the combined spacecraft tomorrow. that is during one of the planned space walks for the mission. nasa says if the debris poses a problem, the thrusters on atlantis can be used to move the station and the shuttle. >>> the duke and duchess of cambridge are scheduled to be back in britain this morning. prince william and his new bride kate departed l.a.x. yesterday afternoon. of course they boarded a british airways jet. the newlyweds wrapped up a whirlwind three day tour of southern california. stops included visit with inner city c
. in a statement leon panetta acknowledged the investigations and made it a point to mention that the justice department also dropped over 100 minor cases of abuse. he said i welcome the news that the broader inquiries are behind us. we are finally about to close this chapter of our agency's history. yesterday the senate confirmed david petraeus as leon panetta's replacement at cia. panetta moves into robert gates' position as secretary of defense today. secretary gates in an elaborate pentagon ceremony yesterday paid tribute by president obama. the president calling gates a humble american patriot. surprised him with the medal of freedom. the country's highest civilian honor. an emotional gates said he was humbled by the award calling his service to the country a privilege. >> i'm deeply honored and moved by your presentation of this award. it is a big surprise but we should have known a couple of months ago you are pretty good at this covert ops stuff. >>> it has been one day since president obama's news conference where he blasted congressional republicans for failing to strike a deal on r
said they hired the gunman and he was punished for all of his wrongdoings. leon panetta with no comments about the military role in the middle east saying the u.s. will have an enduring presence for many years. panetta was making remarks during his first visit to iraq as pentagon chief where he met with nuri al maliki yesterday. just one of several issues he's tackling during his trip. here's chief pentagon correspondent traveling with the defense secretary. >> reporter: the new secretary of defense leon panetta was troubled by the landscape below. u.s. forces said to withdraw by the end of the year are caught up in a war. 15 americans killed in the past month by iraqi extremists armed with rockets and roadside bombs supply by iran. panetta told a gathering of soldiers the killing must end. >> my first responsibility as secretary of defense is to make damned sure we do everything necessary to protect you. >> reporter: panetta pressured iraq's top officials to send iraqi military forces to hunt down the attackers. panetta suggested if not, america combat force woz do the
south sudan at the half hour. >>> and brand new, u.s. defense secretary leon panetta jumped right into the fight for afghanistan today. he landed there hours ago promising to take the fight to al qaeda. he says since killing osama bin laden, quote, we have them on the run, end quote. panetta says by applying maximum pressure, we can cripple al qaeda as a threat to this country. >>> the dalai lama is in washington, d.c. today beginning a ten-day spiritual ritual. with thousands gathered on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol, the leader of the tibetan buddhism discussed the importance of individual peace of mind and offered a personal perspective. >> i lost my own freedom at the age of 16. then i lost my own country. a lot of difficulties and a lot of responsibilities. however, i think comparatively, i can sustain peace of mind. >> the chinese government is taking a dim view of the dalai lama's visit to the nation's capital. it dismissed him as a political exile engaging in tibetan separatist activities under the guise of religion. >>> and now off to london where the skandized "news
about that? new defense secretary leon panetta says al qaeda may be on the virj of defeat. that's all ahead here on msnbc saturday. that helplessness again. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. talk to your doctor, and take care of what you have to take care of. [ female announcer ] something unexpected to the world of multigrain... taste. ♪ delicious pringles multigrain. with a variety of flavors, multigrain pops with pringles. >>> welcome back to msnbc saturday. i'm alex witt. developing now the new defense secretary leon panetta is in afghanistan. he flew into kabul in the last hour and a half or so. the flight from washington, panetta told reporters that al qaeda's days may be numbered. we are in kabul, afghanistan. good morning to you, tia. what's the latest on this? >> reporter: good morning, alex. well, what we do know is on that flight from d.c. to kabul leon panetta, the new secretary of defense said the strategic defeat was within reach and it began with the death of osama bin laden and the treasure-trove of information tha
a deal done it's proving to be difficult. >>> leon panetta rallying the troops in the war zones in iraq and afghanistan. he is in baghdad this morning where he's meeting with u.s. forces as well as iraqi leaders. he says iraq has to do more to prevent insurge attacks on americans with iranian weapons. >> i would like for iraq to exert more of an effort to go after those extremists that are making use of these weapons, that if you are going, they have a responsibility to protect against that kind of attack occurring. >> all 46,000 remaining american troops are withdrawing this year under an agreement between the two countries. iraqi leaders are debating whether to request u.s. troops stay in the country beyond 2011. >>> this morning, pakistan telling america, keep your money, after the u.s. announced it's withholding $800 million in military aid. this is more evidence of the growing rift between the u.s. and pakistan. white house chief of staff william daly says it's in response to pakistan's decision to cut back on counterterrorism operations after the killing of osama bin laden. the u.
to kill bin laden and earlier this week the new secretary of defense, panetta said, it is important pakistan knows why we need to be on the same team. >> we have to continue to emphasize with the pakistanis, in the end it is in their interest to be able to go after these, you know, targets as well. and, you know, in the discussions i have had with them, i have to say, that, you know, they have given us cooperation, in going after some of these targets. we have got to continue to push them to do that. that is the key. >> reporter: and something else "the new york times" article points out, is that the united states potential decision here, would not affect nonmilitary aid payment. eric? >> eric: again what has the president said about the military payments to the pakistan military? >> well, earlier this week, more broadly, president obama explained why he thinks it is so important, though we are kind of strapped for cash, to keep helping foreign countries. listen here: >> president barack obama: i think america should be a leader in the world to have influence, to help stabilize coun
nice thing, mr. chairman, as you have the record i urge you to send it to leon panetta. our military is a very good relationship intact as i think our military has a better relationship and more clout with the egyptian government and the egyptian military than does our state department, and i think leon panetta, one of the recommendations i made is that he sends some top generals over the have relationship and to put some of these things on the table. thank you for your testimony. i will read it all. >> terminals, thank you very much. commissioner, do you have any -- >> there you go. thanks. just one question on the problem we have encountered in the past the former egyptian government, and that is the problem of the government issued id cards including your referenced to the religious affiliation. victims have discovered their national id card designates them as muslim even though they have converted, and subsequent children they may have likewise automatically designated on their cards, and a conversion from islam is considered to be an active apostasy. can you expand a little bit
a new boss. leon panetta was sworn in today as the nation's 23rd defense secretary, he replaces robert gates who we saw retire yesterday. panetta previously worked as the chief at the cia and he won confirmation by the senate last week in a rare, unanimous vote. panetta's replacement at the cia will be general david petraeus, the current commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. >>> michael vick has a sponsor once again here, that being nike. the philadelphia eagles' controversial quarterback has signed an endorsement deal. while nike said they don't condone vick's past mistakes, they support the positive chains he's made to better himself off the field. nike severed ties with vick back in 2007 over his involvement in that dogfighting ring. >>> now this -- >> very scary, especially when there's thousands of people that travel every day, especially what happened 9/11. >> it's not great, i know it, because anybody can go through it. >> well, one man did go through it, allegedly boarding a plane in new york without a proper boarding pass, and an invalid i.d. and trying to do it once again
in two and a half hours from now. panetta plans to bring his golden retriever to work every day. got a lot of people to talk in the newsroom how cool would it be to bring your dog. >> i don't have a dog. because i work so much. >> little thing sitting there, yeah. >> you have two choices, need a quiet lap dog or a dog like a golden retriever or lab that will quietly sit there. a boston terrier, not so good for work. >> cute part of the show. rob marciano in the extreme weather center. do you bring your dog to work? >> absolutely not, no. i wouldn't bring a chihuahua. >> little yappy things. >> do you have a chihuahua. >> no. but we dog sat for one night -- >> that was scarring. not going to get one of those. >> although they're cute with the ear plugs in. hazy, hot and humid across the mid-south today and the central part of the country. some severe storms expected across the western great lakes. rough weather last night across parts of chicago and some heat building now across the central plains. 102 yesterday in oklahoma city. we've got heat advisories and some heat watches and war
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